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Schwarzenegger Proposes Universal Health Care for CA

Is universal coverage the solution to California’s health care crisis? These Days Host Tom Fudge speaks to a physician, a professor of medicine, a consumer advocate, and a representative from the ins

Schwarzenegger Proposes Universal Health Care for CA

Tom Fudge: Last night Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered his State of the State address. There was talk of more infrastructure bonding, fighting global warming and reform of political redistricting. But the Governor spilled the really big news the day before yesterday, when he proposed a plan for Universal Health Care. The plan would cost $12 billion. The money would come from federal funds, health care premiums, and taxes on doctors and hospitals. Insurance companies would be prohibited from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions. And health care coverage would be mandatory for Californians -- just like auto insurance is required of anyone who owns a car.

The proposal got the kind of reception that made it clear that it had a serious chance of becoming reality. Plenty of people were there to quibble with parts of the plan. But nobody seemed to argue that it was anything less than comprehensive, logical and reasonably fair.


If the devil is in the details, then the devil will have his day. Lawmakers and interest groups will pour over this plan and they will certainly try to change it, if not kill it.


  • Dr. Ted Mazer, President of the San Diego County Medical Society
  • Todd Gilmer, Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Preventative Medicine at UCSD.
  • Tom Epstein, Vice President of Public Affairs for Blue Shield of California
  • Anthony Wright, Executive Director of Health Access California.