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SD Congressional Delegation Speeches on Iraq Resolution

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill deliver passionate speeches amid House debate on a resolution opposing President Bush's troop build-up in Iraq. We hear the actual speeches from several San Diego congression

SD Congressional Delegation Speeches on Iraq Resolution

Tom Fudge: Since Tuesday, members of the House of Representatives have been going on the record, on the subject of Iraq. The wording of the Iraq resolution is narrow, focusing strictly on opposition to the recently announced troop increase. But statements by members of Congress have been wide-ranging on the whole issue of the war.

Debate is due to end at midnight tonight. So far, three members of our local congressional delegation have spoken: Duncan Hunter and Darrell Issa, who are both Republicans, and Democrat Susan Davis. Democrat Bob Filner is due to speak later today. We're told by a staff member at Republican Brian Bilbray's office that that Congressman may not take part in the debate, choosing rather to attend a funeral


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