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The History of Tea

Tea has become the world's most consumed beverage, but there are still many myths about its origins and history. Where did tea come from and why did it become such a revered delight? How did differe

The History of Tea

Tom Fudge:  Tea is the most popular drink in the world. People who know their history probably know that the tea trade was one of the forces that shaped the British Empire. But there's a lot more to the history of this potent little leaf than that. Beatrice Hohenegger is author of a history called, " Liquid Jade: the Story of Tea from East to West."  

Beatrice Hohenegger will be in San Diego for a book signing at Warwick's Bookstore Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. Peet’s Coffee and Tea will provide a complimentary comparative tasting of teas from around the world.



  • Beatrice Hohenegger , author of “ Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West.”   She is also the guest curator of a traveling museum exhibition on the history and culture of tea, slated to open in 2009 in the Fowler Museum at UCLA 

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