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Film Critic Reviews Frank Miller’s “300”

KPBS film critic, Beth Accomando, joins us to review the film “300”, which is based on Frank Miller's graphic novel “300.”

Film Critic Reviews Frank Miller’s “300”

Tom Fudge:  A couple of years ago, a movie called Sin City hit the multiplexes. It was based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, and it featured an unusual film making technique. Rather than building sets or filming on location, it filmed actors against a blank blue screen. Their surroundings were added later as visual effects.

This weekend, a similar movie will open around the country. It's called 300 . It's also based on a Frank Miller graphic novel, and it also uses the blue screen technique.  300 transports movie goers back to ancient Greece. The story is based on a real battle. It tells of how 300 Spartan soldiers held off a multitude of Persian invaders at Thermopylae. Beth Accomando is the KPBS film critic.  She has seen the movie and attended a press conference where Frank Miller and his collaborators talked about the film.



  • Beth Accomando, KPBS film critic

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