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May Film Club of the Air Screening: Paprika

Each month on

Film Club of the Air, we ask you to join the conversation with our live call in show. Now we'd like to ask you to join the conversation online as well. This month the

KPBS Film Club of the Air presented a screening of the Japanese anime


Paprika . If you attended the screening, we'd love to hear from you.


On the KPBS Film Club of the Air, Scott Marks and I discussed the latest anime from Satoshi Kon, Paprika (opening at Landmark on June 15). Kon gained international acclaim for his 1989 anime Perfect Blue and more recently for his animated transformation of the American western Three Godfathers into Tokyo Godfathers. Paprika serves up a surreal tale about a device that allows therapists to enter the dreams of their patients. When the device is stolen, a dream detective must seek out the culprit.

At the KPBS screening, I conducted an informal poll and found that a couple dozen people in the audience were about to see their first anime ever whereas another couple dozen considered themselves otaku (if you have to ask then you arent otaku). So I'd love to hear from both sides. If this was your first anime, what did you think? Would you be game to try another? If you're an anime fan, how did this one compare with Kon's earlier Perfect Blue or his creepy TV series Paranoia Agent?

You can also take a listen to the discussion Scott and I had and see if you agree with us. Click here to listen to the May edition of the Film Club . Then post your comments. And check back here on June 15 for a full review of Paprika .


Companion viewing: Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Memories (Kon wrote the Magnetic Rose segment of this anime omnibus), Paranoia Agent (anime TV series)