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Culture Lust by Angela Carone

Welcome to Culture Lust!

As an arts and culture producer, a lot of stuff crosses my desk. I can't fit it all into the confines of a radio talk show , especially one that also covers news and public affairs. Plus, there are topics that just aren't talk show material but that I think are worth a nod of recognition.

Culture Lust is my expanded playground. Here, I'll share the books, movies, music, articles, performers, plays, and cultural phenomenon that really interest me -- and frankly, some that don't interest me, but about which I might have something to say.

I will try to refrain from the ubiquitous list making. No top 10's here. Or desert island questions. But there will be questions. Good ones. (Full disclosure: I am an obsessive list-maker and really appreciate a finely constructed list)


I'll also have a lot to say about San Diego on Culture Lust. This city continues to grow culturally. It's stretching. Culture Lust will stretch with it.

With you in mind, I fear I could never satisfy your own cultural lusting all by my lonesome. To that end, I have lots of culture scouts roaming San Diego, Southern California, and the East Coast, not to mention the endless plains of the Internet. They let me know what they are lusting after, what's good, and what's so bad it's good. They are my trusted circle. You'll meet them over time.

I'll also be relying on you to share your own cultural lust on this blog. Recommend albums. Tell me why you like the new novel by whomever you manage to read in this media-saturated world. Tell me if you hate a movie or if you love it and why. Turn me on to an artist whose work provokes you. Culture Lust is your playground too. Share your toys and no hitting.

Yours in cultural lustiness,



-- Angela Carone produces arts and culture programming for These Days and Culture Lust . Please read our guidelines before posting comments.