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The Mic is Off

Andrew Phelps and Nicole Lozare

Do reporters and editors have an agenda? Why do some stories get on the air -- and others disappear? Welcome to Off Mic (RSS) . As KPBS reporters, we'll share our experience of gathering and reporting the news in San Diego. We are your blog hosts, Andrew Phelps and Nicole Lozare . Our colleagues will join us here from time to time.

We'll tell our tales of chasing down evasive politicians. We'll share what we're learning as we investigate stories. We'll talk about stuff that doesn't make it on the air -- and explain why not. We'll let you in on conversations that happen when the mic is off. And we promise not to bore you with what we eat for lunch, but whatever the mayor has is fair game. We'll also share our insight into the future of journalism in an online world.


Off Mic is a creation of the Jacobs Project for Reporting Excellence, a KPBS/ NPR initiative to map the future of journalism. We're building the newsroom of the future -- where radio, television, and the Web converge. We're experimenting with transparency. And we want to do a better job connecting to San Diegans. We want need your comments. All of them. Lots of them. Ask us questions. We'll listen, and we'll talk back.

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