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Choice and Regret: Diverse Perspectives on Abortion

In April, the Supreme Court upheld the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. In its decision, the court also suggested some women may regret their decision to have an abortion. Historically, the abortion de

Choice and Regret: Diverse Perspectives on Abortion

Alison St John (Guest Host): This week, on KPBS Radio and TV, we've been talking about a topic that is emotional and frequently divisive -- and therefore sometimes avoided on talk shows such as this. But it is a topic that won't go away because it's ignored. The subject is abortion and the context is a Supreme Court ruling this April that has redefined the debate.

Reporter Joanne Faryon has been talking with people with many different perspectives about this latest Supreme Court ruling and why it is significant. She's produced three television segments and two radio segments ( Part 1 , Part 2 ) that you may have seen or heard in the last few days. 


  • Joanne Faryon, KPBS reporter who produced the Full Focus series Choice and Regret: The Current Abortion Debate .
  • Kristina Barton, student at Palomar College who will be transferring to Catholic University. She is studying media studies and communications.
  • Lea Caughlan, human rights activist with an emphasis on women's rights.
  • Sarah Epstein, junior at UCSD majoring in theater with hopes of pursuing a master's degree in social work.