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Brazilian Martial Art Catches On in San Diego


Capoeira is a centuries old martial art from Brazil. It is distinctive for its highly fluid, rhythmic movements and the music that accompanies the martial art. Although rodas, or circles of onlookers

Brazilian Martial Art Catches On in San Diego

(Photo: Molly O'Hagan and Contra-Mestre Mindinho, Padu Merlotti)

Tom Fudge: Martial arts have been part of show business, especially the movie industry, for quite a while. Remember Bruce Lee? Today, a different traditional martial art is getting some attention. It's called capoeira. And if you watch it, it may occur to you wonder whether it's really a martial art or whether it's dance. The practitioners do it to music. And while contestants do square off, they typically don't make contact with their punches and kicks.

Capoeira Brasil’s open house is this Saturday, August 4th at noon at 2590 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106.


  • Molly O'Hagan, performance coordinator for Capoeira Brasil
  • Contra-Mestre Mindinho,group leader for Capoeira Brasil.