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Political Violence Expert Examines the Stability in Iraq

The war in Iraq continues to dominate newspaper headlines and the political consciousness of the Americans. Professor Dipak Gupta joins us to lead a discussion about Iraq, how far it is from political

Political Violence Expert Examines the Stability in Iraq

Tom Fudge: The end to the war in Iraq seems to be nowhere in sight. America's involvement was begun with claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda. Those claims have since been proven to be either incorrect or, possibly, manufactured.

Still, there we are – In Iraq. And there's no telling what the withdrawal of American forces would result in. Some say civil war is either inevitable or it's already going on.


Polls in the United States show the war has become extremely unpopular. But in the face of a certain veto, democrats who control congress can't muster enough votes to force a reduction of troops. The question of what we do about Iraq is on the minds of every politically-aware American. And there don't seem to be any easy answers.