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Culture Lust by Angela Carone

End of Year Listmania: The Best and Worst

It's that time of year when, in every corner of culture, high or low, you can find a "best of" list...and I have to admit, I always fall prey! I search for the more obscure lists while hungrily consuming the well-publicized of the lot. Though I'm not a top 5 lister a la Nick Hornby any other time of the year, the holiday/end-of-year lists call to me. I find it comforting to walk down memory lane with both the "best of" and "the worst" culture had to offer at the close of each year.

In that spirit, I've compiled my favorites of the "best of" and "the worst" lists for a 2007 Culture Lust listmania!

Pitchfork , one of the best online tastemakers in music, has a list of the top 50 albums of 2007 . This list is a great resource for learning about new bands and artists who may have flown under your radar while you were being inundated with Britney Spears coverage. Both Spoon (woo hoo!) and Radiohead (natch) made it into the top ten, along with M.I.A., Animal Collective and Of Montreal.


If you were wondering what Margaret Cho's favorite albums are from 2007... and why not... you can find them here .

One of my favorite local blogs, Poplicks , has some hilarious year-end lists , including a "Best Quotes of 2007" that will have you reeling between laughter and outrage.

Showtime's serial killer drama Dexter had a role in 2007's "Freakiest Moment in Advertising."

YouTube has ranked the most popular videos of the year - with the Obama girl taking top honors. They based the rankings on the most shared, most discussed, and top rated clips to determine which videos most entertained desk jockeys across the country. I was happy to see the sublime Chocolate Rain video by Tay Zonday ranking high. Chocolate Rain is Zonday's original composition which, combined with his unworldly voice and prosaic delivery (leaning away from the microphone to breathe!), makes him one of my favorite YouTube stars of 2007. Chris Crocker doesn't even come close.