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Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

U2 3D

Bono in the third dimension! U2 3D (National Geographic CInema Ventures)

I have to wonder if the whole idea for a U2 concert in 3D came about just because the event could bear the nifty moniker of U2 3D (opening January 23 at Edward's Mira Mesa IMAX Theater) . I mean it just wouldn’t have had the same gimmicky appeal if it was Green day in 3D, or would that be GD3D ? Anyway, a concert may not sound like the ideal thing to capture in 3D since unlike the recent Beowulf it affords no opportunity for swords to be pointed out into the audience or blood being sprayed or epic monsters doing battle. But what filmmakers Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington do strive for is the effect of putting you in the best seat in the house for a live concert.