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McCain Gets Schwarzenegger Endorsement

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says John McCain is an "extraordinary leader" who can reach across the political aisle to get things done.

McCain Gets Schwarzenegger Endorsement

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially endorsed Republican Senator John McCain for President. He made the announcement while touring a solar technology company in the Los Angeles area today (Thursday). Schwarzenegger called McCain a "great American hero" and praised his record.

Schwarzenegger : He's a crusader -- he has a great vision for protecting the environment and also protecting simultaneously the economy. He has incredible credentials on national security and of course he is a fantastic outstanding public servant.


Schwarzenegger had been tight-lipped about his choice for President. When asked why he changed his mind and decided to endorse McCain, he said the answer was simple: Rudy Giuliani had dropped out of the race.

The former New York City Mayor was also at the event. He endorsed McCain after dropping out of the Presidential race this week.

Schwarzenegger said they were both good friends of his, and that's why he kept quiet.