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A Super Sex Survey For Your Super Tuesday

Playboy has published the results from its poll about sex and politics in America - conducted by veteran pollster Frank Luntz. &

For those of you who don't want to open the Playboy website while at work (we here at public radio throw caution to the wind), I'll recap some interesting statistics from the article. & 51% percent of Republicans and two-thirds of Democrats have watched pornography with their partners. & More than half of those who attend church every week consider themselves "sexually adventurous."

Almost a quarter (23 percent) of Americans have had a threesome. Lutz writes, "So next time you're bored during an office meeting, look around the room and guess which one out of every four co-workers has crossed a menage & agrave; trois off his or her sexual to-do list." & I'm notorious for skipping meetings (not something I'm proud of) and until I erase this suggestion from my brain, I might continue the trend.


Both parties are losing their virginity earlier: & almost a third (31 percent) of Republicans report waiting until they were 20 or older to have sex for the first time, compared with 23 percent of Democrats. & So, the majority in both parties aren't waiting until their wedding night. &

This is my favorite statistic: & only 57 percent of Americans would definitely say no to a one-night stand in the Oval Office with a president they found physically and sexually attractive. In fact, 23 percent of all Republicans and 24 percent of all Democrats would definitely or probably say yes. If I were amenable to one night stands in the oval office, hypothetically... just to play the game here... which president would get my yes vote? & Let's see, we can rule out Grover Cleveland and Taft, but Jefferson and Lincoln cut quite a figure. Franklin Pierce was actually quite dashing but is considered one of the worst presidents in history. (That's Pierce to the right, with that come-hither look) Of course, Kennedy. & Nixon never. & Bill, mabye. & The most recent presidents just leave me cold. Like dead cold.

This is good news: & "even among 18- to 29-year-olds -- the group in the sweet spot of its sexually active years -- 40 percent rate intelligence as more of a turn-on than physical attractiveness." & I'm so cynical, part of me doesn't believe this, but I certainly want to. &

The surveyers also asked a series of questions reflecting the seven deadly sins (sadly, I remember these from the movie Seven and not my Catholic school education). & They are: gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride and... LUST! & Lust actually came in last as a sin people identified with - this should be good for my readership. & No guilt reading Culture Lust people. &

Michelle Obama, Condalezza Rice, and Laura Bush topped the list of the sexiest women in politics. & And it turns out Republicans are more sexually active than Democrats. & "Republicans attend church more often than Democrats, but they also have sex more often." & What the hell are Democrats doing to lose their edge in this category? & I thought they had that one locked up.


So to sum it all up, if you need a break from Super Tuesday results, hop on over to Playboy to see how each party will be celebrating tonight.