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Legendary Writer Gay Talese on These Days Tomorrow!

I'm so excited - it will be one of those restless nights for me. & It happens when I get really excited about a guest. & I've been reading more of his writing and about his life for the last 24 hours. & You don't want to miss this interview. & We'll talk about the state of journalism, past and present. & We'll talk about Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, Talese's famous 1966 Esquire article, heralded as the beginning of New Journalism. & We'll also talk about sports writing, and his profiles of Joe DiMaggio and Floyd Patterson. & His book The Kingdom and the Power , about The New York Times, will likely come up often. & All in all, it should be a conversation full of colorful stories and sage reflection.

Tune in tomorrow at 10am to These Days .