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Director's Cuts: Musical Interludes of the Week

Listen to the best musical interludes heard throughout the week on These Days. This week's picks include tracks from Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Maceo Parker, Grand O

Director's Cuts: Musical Interludes of the Week

Musical interludes heard this week on These Days :

Artist: Tom Waits
Song: San Diego Serenade
Album: The Heart of Saturday Night
Year: 1989


Artist: Johnny Cash
Song:   Thing Called Love
Album: Classic Cash:  Hall of Fame Series
Year:    1990

Artist: Ray Charles
Song:   Ain't That Love
Album: The Best of Ray Charles - Atlantic
Year:    1995

Artist: Sam Cooke
Song:   Nothing Can Change This Love
Album: The Best of Sam Cooke
Year:    2005

Artist: Otis Redding
Song:   I've Been Loving You Too Long
Album: Complete Stax Volt Singles
Year:    1991

Artist: Maceo Parker
Song:   Off the Hook
Album: Made by Maceo
Year:    2004


Artist: Grand Ole Party
Song:   Look Out Young Son
Album: Humanimals
Year:    2007

Artist: Tom Brosseau
Song:   I'm Traveling the River On the Dakota Queen
Album: Cavalier
Year:    2007