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Calexico School District Cracks Down on Non-Resident Students

Throughout much of history, the border between Mexico and the U.S. has been porous. People have crossed to work, shop and attend school. But in Imperial County, the Calexico School District is crackin

Calexico School District Cracks Down on Non-Resident Students

Tom Fudge : Most everyone agrees that illegal immigration is a problem in California. But our state and local institutions take a strong position that it's not up to them to enforce the law. This is particularly true of public schools.

Undocumented immigrant children are not barred from California schools, and the schools aren't supposed to ask kids for proof of citizenship. But in Calexico, in Imperial County, the parents of school children started to get upset at the number of Mexican kids attending the town's schools. These kids weren't Calexico residents whose immigration status was in question. These were kids from Mexicali who were crossing the border every morning to attend schools on the American side.


Calexico parents demanded something be done about this, and the school district responded.

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