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Omar Little Loves Some Honey Nut Cheerios

My colleague Trisha, a wise woman from Imperial Valley who loves The Wire , just informed me about an interview in Newsweek with Amy Poehler. & The following exchange takes place between interviewer and Amy Poehler:

Q: What cereal are you going to have?

A: Right now I'm down with Honey Nut Cheerios because that's what Omar eats on & ldquo;The Wire & rdquo;


Q: Do you base all your food choices on television shows?

A: I don't know if you're a & ldquo;Wire & rdquo; fan, but on the show Omar travels far and wide and risks getting killed just to get a box of Honey Nuts. So I like to think it keeps me connected to the streets.

I just went to the Honey Nut Cheerios website ... lots of white people, upper middle class blacks, and the honey nut bee. & Their marketing team needs to show some respect for Omar Little and let him endorse their product. & Mad money to be made... street cred AND lower cholesterol. & See Omar's quest for Honey Nut below... (Nudity alert: opening 30 seconds).