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‘Antiques Roadshow’ Still Going Strong After 11 Successful Seasons

It’s consistently the top-rated show on KPBS as well as PBS stations around the country. Why do 11 million Americans tune in each week for “Antiques Roadshow?” It is a combination of history, money

‘Antiques Roadshow’ Still Going Strong After 11 Successful Seasons

Originally aired January 30, 2008

Tom Fudge : Antiques Roadshow   isn't quite an antique itself. But it will be soon be in its 12th season on PBS television. The British version of the program has been on the BBC for 30 years.


If you've never seen Antiques Roadshow , it's a kind of traveling televised convention, in which people from the host community are invited to bring in their old keepsakes for appraisal. On TV, we see an appraiser chatting with the owner of an item, talking about its history, asking questions, and in the end, telling the owner how much their item may be worth. People bring in pieces of furniture, antique guns, collections of letters, you name it.


  • Bruce Shackelford , appraiser for Antiques Roadshow and a consultant, researcher and writer focusing on North American Indian and American West artifacts.