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New Musical at Diversionary Explores Gays Serving in WWII

Diversionary Theatre presents the West Coast premiere of the new musical "Yank!". The production is based on the memoirs and oral histories of gay and straight service members who participated in Worl

New Musical at Diversionary Explores Gays Serving in WWII

Tom Fudge: Yank is the name of a new play about the life of people who served in World War II. It's a musical, and it owes a lot to the the long tradition of movies and shows about the lives of your average G.I. The only difference here is the main characters are gay.

Yank opens Thursday for its regional premiere at San Diego's Diversionary Theater. And joining me in studio to talk about the show, and to tell us what we know about gay and lesbian life during the war, are the men who wrote and directed Yank.

Yank! the musical runs July 10th to August 17th at Diversionary Theater in University Heights.


  • David Zellnik , playwright and lyricist for Yank!
  • Joseph Zellnik , composer for Yank!
  • Igor Goldin , director of Yank!