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Mike Peters at Comic-Con

Spotlight on Cartoonist Mike Peters

Web movie: Ladies of Horror

Every year Comic-Con invites special guests and puts a spotlight on them in solo panels. This year one of the special guests was cartoonist Mike Peters, creator of Mother Goose and Grimm and award-winning editorial cartoonist. In his solo panel, Peters delighted the audience with the most roundabout, rambling yet hilarious tales about his life. Panel moderator Mark Evanier only got to ask about three questions in the hour-long panel, and I'm not even sure any of them got answered. But it didn't matter because Peters was such an energetic and entertaining speaker. He talked about his mom and her TV show, about having a severe stuttering problem and being cross-eyed, and about returning to his school twenty years after graduating to be inducted into their hall of fame. The way Peters' mind hopscotches around and the details that he focuses in on provide a small clue to the way his creative process must function as he comes up with editorial cartoons and ideas for Mother Goose and Grimm. Click on the video above for his answer to Evanier's question about where he was from. The look on Evanier's face reflects the fact that Peters would just go off on a tear and only occasionally return to the question at hand. But then sometimes it's not the destination that's important but rather the journey and how much fun you had getting there. Peters provides a great trip.

Thanks to Comic-Con for clips from their spotlight panel for our news coverage.