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Diana Kennedy Shares Tips on Mexican Cooking

Tom Fudge talks with Diana Kennedy, author of numerous books on Mexican cuisine.

Diana Kennedy Shares Tips on Mexican Cooking

Originally aired on July 25, 2006.

Alan Ray : San Diego has a lot of Mexican restaurants and taco shops and a lot of them are great. But all you have to do is flip through one of Diana Kennedy's cookbooks to know there is a lot about Mexican cooking that you're missing. Maybe you've had guacamole, but have you ever had it with ripe pears and red grapes?


Diana Kennedy, who's originally from England, moved to Mexico many years ago with her husband. The late Paul Kennedy was a foreign correspondent for the New York Times. Diana soon began to learn cooking techniques from the locals. She became an accomplished cook, travelling the country and learning about many of the region's cuisines.

She's the author of at least a dozen cookbooks.  Tom Fudge talks with Diana Kennedy about Mexican cooking.