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Giant Dog Turd Wreaks Havoc at Swiss Museum


Best.Headline.Ever. I wish it were mine but, alas, The Guardian gets all the fun. An outdoor sculpture by American artist Paul McCarthy depicting house-size dog doo came loose from its moorings outside the Paul Klee Centre in Berne and proceeded to knock down power lines and break a window of a children's home. & Any child who happened to be in the room and saw giant inflatable dog poo crash through their window is likely traumatized and will either need years of therapy or become a provocative contemporary artist (or let's face it, both). & The work is titled "Complex Shit."

There is actually a San Diego connection here. McCarthy is a sculptor and performance artist who lives in L.A., but in 1976 he performed a transgressive piece called Class Fool at UCSD . He is also sometimes associated with Allen Kaprow , the late Happenings founder and Professor Emeritus in the Visual Arts Department at UCSD.

The media is having fun with this story. Another headline: Paul McCarthy's Art is Complex Shit on the Runs . &


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