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Credibility? What Credibility?

Political advertisements on both sides of the aisle often strain credibility.  It can be tough appearing humble when you have the drive and determination necessary get within a couple of hanging chads of being leader of the free world.  But what does it say about you when you place paid advertisting proclaiming yourself the winner of a debate that hasn't happened yet ?  I think Chez at Deus Ex Malcontent has the question right, but whether the source of problem lies with the candidate or his organization the fact that the advertisements ran reflects very poorly on the candidate's credibility and capacity to run the nation.

Mike Fresco from San Diego
September 27, 2008 at 04:00 PM
How can anyone at all believe that a presidential candidate from the Republican Party has credibility? Why should anyone believe that the Republican PARTY, the same people including McCain who brought us the Irak war, the historically highest budget deficit, an economic crisis that may well amount to the historically most severe (or second most severe after the Great Depression) world-wide economic crisis, corporate and individual greed and unethical business practices of unprecedented dimensions, and the lowest international reputation the USA has ever held, would change or reverse any of this? Why should Americans in their right minds reward Republicans for their miserable and dangerous failure in the past 8 years by electing them again? Is the American People really that stupid? I just cannot believe how Americans uncouple candidates from their parties. Is it naivete, is it ignorance, lack of education or just self betrayal? The fact of the matter is that Republicans have brought us close to peril, and that it would be members of that party with the same mindset they had in the past 8 years who populate McCain's administration and who have power over him just like over that disaster Bush. Democracy is based on a very simple principle: You elect a party for government for a limited time. If they succeed, re-elect them. If they fail, elect another party. There are alternatives, even in the US American two-party oligarchy. And this year, the (one) alternative is pretty darn attractive: Barrack Obama and the Democrats. Vote for them!