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A Hatchet Where You Need A Scalpel?

My maternal grandmother's grandparents had a plantation near Oxford, Mississippi prior to the Civil War.  Family lore relates that when the Yankees marched through, they burned the house down leaving only a single table salvageable.  That table sits in my living room today, and all week, as I walked past it, I thought about how much has changed since that arm of my family packed up what little was left and moved to Texas, after the Civil War.

Perhaps dwelling on all those Southern roots soaked into my subconscious, because I decided to make buttermilk cornbread stuffed with okra, onions, and corn for my contribution to the impromptu " debate watch party" I was invited to attend.

I guess the Southern hospitality of the debate location didn't rub off on Senator McCain since he didn't exhibit even a vestige of the etiquette normally afforded between colleagues.


And make no mistake.  Obama has every right to be standing where he was.  He is the duly elected candidate of the Democratic Party and he is worthy of respect.

September 28, 2008 at 02:21 AM
McCain did better than I thought he would - the campaign he is running is erratic and wierd; the man/Senator less so. Still, this morning's fact check sheets favor Obama. No clear winner - but I agree regarding McCAin's demeanor. He never once referred to Barack by name or acknowledged his presence after the handshake - bad form if nothing else. Only one of those gentlemen seemed Presidential - I'm sensing McCain is backing into a corner. Next week's Palin/Biden debate will have them fighting out of that corner - not a good place to be this late in the election.

Bill from NC
September 30, 2008 at 04:31 AM
@Candace: Kind of funny, I actually thought that Obama constantly referring to Senator McCain as John showed his lack of respect in a formal setting, and the fact that Senator McCain referred to Barack Hussein Obama as senator is typical of a man from his era. Maybe he should have referred to him as Barack Hussein Obama - well, nah.......then he would have been accused of race bating. I actually thought that Obama-Shizzle would have been quite friendly, but maybe too friendly. Maybe just Barack would have been polite, but then again - I'm sure those such as yourself would have said that it showed a serious lack of respect for the senator's VAST experience. My summary of the debate, on the economy - Obama has grandiose programs that will inevitably expand the size of government much like the current administration has and he has no clue how to close the massive hole we're sliding into. McCain's approach is to reform government (which is always good) and will help shrink government - but that alone will not prevent the slide either. On Foreign policy - McCain showed depth from years of experience and wisdom. Obama looked like a college student who studied hard for his final exam, but college students start their careers at the bottom - not the top. Obama no doubt is smooth, polished, and has captured the imagination of many on the left and center left in the country, but his serious lack of understanding in the area of foreign policy is obvious and dangerous. Like the left's arguments against Sarah Palin, we can't afford on the job training - especially when the trainee is at the top of the ticket.

michael valentine from spring Valley
October 07, 2008 at 09:40 AM
Barack's demonstrated foresight in condemning the Iraq war prior to it's start is proof of his expertise in foreign policy. If not for that war, voted for by Mr. Fight With Me McCain the warmonger, we wouldn't be in the fix we are in today. A trillion dollar war on the national debt. And our military wouldn't be used up and abused by continuos rotations into and out of combat zones.