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Californians to Vote on High Speed Rail

This November California voters are being asked to issue close to ten billion dollars in bonds to build a statewide high-speed rail system. Some believe this is a visionary plan to improve transportat

Californians to Vote on High Speed Rail

Tom Fudge: High speed rail has been a California dream for at least a dozen years. In 1996 the state created the California High Speed Rail Authority to develop a rail system that can operate at speeds of 200 miles an hour or faster. High-speed rail is certainly no fantasy. Europe and Japan have operated systems for years. Even Amtrack operates high-speed rail in the Boston to Washington east-coast corridor. This year, the high-speed dream in California is taking a big step forward by offering to voters Proposition 1A. If approved, it would provide nearly 10 billion dollars in bonding to build a high-speed system. That money would have to be matched or exceeded with federal or private money in order to execute the grand plan. If high-speed rail becomes a reality, you could take a train from San Diego to Los Angeles and get there in an hour and 20 minutes. But is this worth the money? Can we afford it?



Judge Quentin Kopp. Chairman of the California High Speed Rail Authority and spokesman for Yes on Prop 1A.

Richard Tomlach . President of the California Rail Foundation and spokesman for No on Prop 1A.