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The Worship of Don Draper

& He's a confindence man - knows how to sell, dupe and swindle, but with a controlled elegance, a slight smirk, and a


Some speculate that he's Jewish . What is clear, is that everyone wants to claim Don Draper as their own. There's a website called What Would Don Draper Do? & One asks, "Dear Don Draper, do you have views on men using Facebook? Yes, the same & ones I have of men wearing brassieres." & Or entry 101: & Smile, straighten your cuffs and punch him in the face. Or 107. Dear Don Draper, I'm single and looking to hook up with the type of girl that goes out on Halloween dressed as Mystique from the first X-Men movie or another costume that only requires body paint. What should I be for Halloween? & I can't really picture what you're looking for, but & I'm sure & it explains why & you're single. Also: I'm opposed to wearing costumes for Halloween or any other occaision. If forced, & I'll wear a tux and simple masquerade mask and & stand & near the bar.

Jezebel posits that feminist career women want to be him.

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