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Final lap: Whitburn vs. Gloria for Dist. 3 Councilmember

   Todd Gloria      Stephen Whitburn

On November 4th, residents of District 3 will choose between two Democrats for San Diego City Council -- Todd Gloria and Stephen Whitburn.  For voters hoping to stay away from Democrats, one candidate may be as bad as another, and these are slim pickings.  But for other voters, choosing between two great candidates might come down to a coin toss.

In an effort to avoid deciding by this time honored, but willy-nilly method, I contacted both candidates' campaigns hoping the choice would become easier.  (Read the full transcripts: Stephen Whitburn's Responses , Todd Gloria's Responses


Unfortunately, even after Mr. Gloria's and Mr. Whitburn's equally gracious responses, the decision will remain challenging.

Rather than decide based on party lines, this race may just boil down to what each voter values most.  Do you value the perspective of a third-generation native Dist. 3 resident with the pedigree and blessing of popular Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-53rd District) ?  Or do you value 26 years of experience in business and elected office, and the backing of the San Diego Democratic Party and notables Donna Frye and Bob Filner?  If the candidates' support networks matter most, as Chuck wrote , the voter's choice is made.  If, however, official recommendations fail to sway, then take a look at what the candidates had to say to me on these topics:

    On Safety:

Todd Gloria prioritizes reestablishing the Community Relations Officers to improve the area's poor safety record.  Stephen Whitburn has proposed a more detailed, comprehensive plan, including: alley lighting, a Crime Stopper's Reward Fund, "bringing back District Three's Community Relations Officers," and "encouraging and promoting Neighborhood Watch, Citizen Patrols, and Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP) Programs." 

On this issue, I prefer Mr. Whitburn's ideas because they address both community members' involvement and the city's policymaking role.


November 04, 2008 at 04:22 PM
Just what we need more Democrats. Since it is Democrate policies that are destroying California. Look know further then Chicago for proof of the failures of complete incompetent Democrat Rule. Senators: Durbin and Obama Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr. Gov.:Blagojevich House: Mike Madigan Att. General: Lisa Madigan daughter of mike Mayor: more nepotism son of Daley one of the most corrupt past Mayors. Here are some notable accomplishments. First and foremost they all became wealthy while in politics. State pension fund is 44 billion in debt. (Now we know how they got wealthy) Highest Tax at 10.25% (this is how democrats manage to destroy a perfectly good economic system. Look how many business have fled our state from tax oppression and unfunded mandates by democrats) Last but not least the schools system in Chicago is the worst in the U.S. and possible in the world. Guess who started out as a community organizer to fulfill the dreams of kids in Chicago. That's right the messiah Obama who has fixed nothing in his political career except maybe and election. If we had a real news media with real journalist who truly did their job these criminals would not get to do there dirty deeds to these people. However, if this campaign is what we can expect from this media in the future then we as a country are doomed, it is no more complicated then that. A properly informed populace will make the right decisions in the voting booth. It is not the journalist’s job to act as a cheerleader for one side. The only people who can save this once great nation are the journalist but they must maintain their neutrality to do so. True investigative work needs to be equal for all. So called news outlets are failing and will continue to fail. The attempt at so called fairness doctrine by your friends the democrats (censorship) will not change that. Demand for the truth will prevail and you will fail. Before you blame me for being partisanship. I am a Libertarian who after seeing the ravages of socialism and communism first hand Ihave no desire to be a part of it again. We as a country are heading in that direction under the name of fairness. There is nothing fair about punishing someone that works hard ( punitive taxes) to give to those who are intent on sitting on their hands. Why should people who work pay people not to work. This great country was built by the hands of freedom out of motivation to survive not government rule. Unfortunately, our democrat run schools teach the of social reform as something great and wonderful when in reality it is social control. You cannot legislate morality and tespecially the governmant 's we have today are not qualified. Drop you preconcieved ideas and look at the facts not the feelings and you will begin to see your conception of things chang. It's easy to catch government in its schems just follow the money.

Get-A-Real-Job from USA
November 07, 2008 at 05:16 AM
I'm still waiting for your advice on how the Democrats can win the White House this election year. Oh, wait it was a landslide...Nevermind!