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The Beat Goes On

The November end of this year's presidential and local elections has taught me that playing well with others is a lesson worth learning, both in preschool and in politics.  And while we make progress, more political, ideological, and even spiritual struggles motivate voters into activism. 

The bad news is one election cycle will not resolve every one of the state and country's problems.  And the good news is, with rare exception, the result of one election puts a semi-colon at the end of issues, not a period.  Maybe the nomination of Barack Obama places an exclamation mark at the end of this historic presidential race.  But in another four years, Democrats and bridge-builders everywhere may end that nomination process with a question mark.  We will have to wait and see. 

The point is the work of equality and democracy beckon, and lessons remain to be learned from this incredible, historic season.


As national politics go, our nation's leaders should understand the Bush-era lessons:  the White House should not equally jeopardize the nation's infrastructure and the country's safety by waging ill begotten wars in foreign nations, while trashing the Constitution , opening a heinous torture chamber , turning its back on a nation's city during crisis , and lastly, violating the public's trust by decimating the economy .