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Scammers Target San Diego Real Estate Market

Real Estate scams cost San Diegans over $70 million in 2007. News broke recently that law enforcement had uncovered a brazen scheme in which individuals in San Diego and Riverside Counties are claimi

Scammers Target San Diego Real Estate Market

Tom Fudge : The wave of foreclosures hitting San Diego homeowners is bad news. But now news of rising real estate scams is cropping up. Last year, real estate fraud cost San Diegans over $70 million , and that figure is likely to rise this year. Law enforcement has uncovered several brazen schemes, and we'll talk about some of them this morning in the hopes that being forewarned is being well armed.


The San Diego County District Attorney Real Estate Fraud Report Hotline is 619 531-3552.


  • Lori Weisberg , San Diego Union-Tribune real estate writer.

    Michael Groch , deputy district attorney for San Diego County and head of the economic crimes division.