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Beatboxing Wonder Beehive Performs in KPBS Studios

Beatboxing arrived in the 1980's with the dawn of hip hop. As rappers gathered on corners to rhyme, they needed a beat and thus the human beat box machine. San Diego is home to a veteran beatboxer w

Beatboxing Wonder Beehive Performs in KPBS Studios

Maureen Cavanaugh:  When it comes to the art of beatboxing, there are few people who do it better than my next guest, Brent Campbell, also known as Beehive . Beatbox is the art of using your mouth as a percussion instrument, also sometimes as a full-on musical instrument, composing songs and melodies. Beatboxing is intimately connected with hip-hop music, but it's not limited to hip-hop.

You can see Beehive perform on our Cutlure Lust blog



  • Brent Campbell, aka Beehive, is a local beatboxer and musician. In 2005, at the world beatboxing championship called Scribblejam, Beehive ranked 2nd in the world and 1st in the United States