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San Diegans Encouraged to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

What difference can an individual to conserve resources and combat global warming? The answer lies in the collective effort of many people. Stand for Less is a pilot program starting in San Diego th

San Diegans Encouraged to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

Maureen Cavanaugh : Some of us are very good about recycling, and others use as little water as possible. There are those in San Diego who voluntarily take public transportation and even people who always turn off electrical appliances they are not using. But are there actually people who do all of the above and more?  Are there people who are dedicated to conservation?

A pilot program launched in San Diego this week, called "Stand for Less" is challenging all of us to do all we can to use less energy, less water, to drive less and to create less garbage for our landfills. It's an effort to promote a "conservation lifestyle" and it's got some pretty powerful supporters. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, the San Diego Association of Governments and the California Department of Conservation are just a few of the officials and agencies introducing the Stand for Less program.


  • Bridgett Luther , director of the California Department of Conservation, which launched the pilot program Stand for Less in San Diego.
  • Bill Rose , water conservation program executive for the San Diego County Water Authority.
  • Dan Martin , project implementation program manager for SANDAG.