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DEA Releases Wanted Poster


DEA Releases Wanted Poster

The Drug Enforcement Administration has released a new poster looking for information on 10 members of Tijuana's Arellano Felix Drug Cartel.

Joining us on Morning Edition is KPBS Border Reporter Amy Isackson.

San Diego DEA: The Seeking Information poster contains the first released photo of Fernando Sanchez-Arellano. The Drug Enforcement Administration is currently seeking information regarding the drug trafficking and money laundering activities for the individuals featured on this poster. There are currently no indictments for the individuals featured on this poster.

The individuals featured on the Seeking Information poster represent the current AFO cartel leadership. These individuals are principle cell leaders under Fernando Sanchez-Arellano aka "El Ingeniero," with the exception of Eduardo Teodoro Garcia-Simental aka "El Teo," Raydel Lopez-Uriarte - Top lieutenant for "El Teo" and Jose Filiberto Parra-Ramon- Top lieutenant for "El Teo."

Eduardo Teodoro Garcia-Simental and Fernando Sanchez-Arellano are currently engaged in a power struggle for control of the Tijuana/Baja drug trafficking corridor.

The Reward poster below is an updated AFO poster reflecting the rewards which were paid through the State Department, for information leading to the capture of the Arellano-Felix brothers and their associates.