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Seau's The Restaurant Is Shut Down For Good, Trustees Say

Seau's The Restaurant in Mission Valley has closed its doors for good, according to trustees of Junior Seau's estate.

Restaurant officials released the following statement Wednesday afternoon regarding the decision to cease operations:

The announcement was made by Trustee Bette Hoffman, formerly director of the Junior Seau Foundation and former vice president of Seau's of San Diego LLC, along with the other trustees of Seau's estate.

The trustees made their decision to honor Seau's legacy and preserve the memories of the excitement, fun and warmth that were the hallmarks of the restaurant during the famed linebacker's lifetime.

Without Seau's charismatic leadership, it was felt that the future profitability of the restaurant could be in question.

The estate has taken measures to ensure that all employee payroll and accrued vacation commitments are honored. Junior's children and trustees want to extend a thank you to all of the patrons for the many years of support that helped make Seau's such a unique local dining and entertainment venue. Those who had the opportunity to cheer on the Chargers with Junior on a Sunday afternoon at the restaurant will never forget the experience.

Seau's The Restaurant opened in 1996. A Mission Valley landmark with 14,500 square feet of space, it featured stadium-inspired architecture and more than 60 TVs, including a giant 12-by- 14-foot projection screen.