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County Supplies Homeless Students with Essentials

Essential school supplies are in high demand this fall with more than 15,000 homeless youths in San Diego County, according to officials.

In a month long "Drive For Success," the San Diego County Office of Education is asking for donations from companies, organizations and the public. Donations include everything from backpacks to toothbrushes.

Rebecca Benner, Project Specialist at the education office, said the recent economic decline has increased the need for supplies for homeless students.


"It's very difficult to purchase those things or find pockets of money, so we have really come to rely on public donations and agency donations to supplement what we can provide for kids in school," she said.

This year “Drive For Success” has changed its model to rely more heavily on organizations like Feed the Children, California Coast Credit Union, and Feeding America.

Tim Ney, chief operations officer at Feeding America said his organization is happy to be a part of the program.

“We want to provide hope for the kids and let them know that they are in a community that cares,” Ney said.

Feeding America is one of 10 community partners working with the county to help make the drive a success.


“With all the organizations involved, we have infinite opportunities to make a huge impact for the children,” he said.

Organizations aren’t the only contributors. The county is encouraging the public to volunteer or donate needed supplies before the drive ends on Aug. 3.