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San Diego Air Quality Not America's Finest

San Diego Air Quality Not America's Finest
A new report says San Diego has some of the nation's most ozone-polluted air.

The American Lung Association says air quality in San Diego County is improving. Even so, the group's latest report gives the county an "F".

The report is based on data from the Environmental Protection Agency from 2008 to 2010.

San Diego received an "F" primarily because of the number of unhealthy days for ozone pollution. The report ranks San Diego as the 7th most ozone-polluted metro region in the U.S.

The Lung Association's Debra Kelley admitted with San Diego's frequent blue skies, it's hard to believe there's a problem.

"But, it's not just what you can see in the air, it's what you can't see," Kelley explained. "It's the tiny particle pollution, it's the ozone that's making its way deep into the lungs. So what you can see and what you can't see, both of those can hurt you."

Kelley said people can cut down on air pollution by driving less and driving cleaner vehicles.