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Parents Can Keep Kids On Track For Academic Success Through The Summer

Parents Can Keep Kids On Track For Academic Success Through The Summer
Parents don’t have to be able to pay for pricey summer camps to make sure their kids don’t lose academic ground from June to September.

From surf camps to summer science classes, there is no shortage of dynamic summer programs for San Diego County kids. But most of those programs can cost parents hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

But according to Scot Danforth, director of San Diego State’s School of Teacher Education, making sure kids don’t lose the skills they spent all school year building is within reach for every parent. A good place to start is by looking at what kind of math problems your child was working on when school let out.


“There are a million pages on the internet where you can dig up very similar kinds of math problems," he said. "And for reading it can just be free reading – so books that are not to hard, not to easy for 30 minutes a day.”

The key is scheduling time for kids to work on reading and math skills everyday, which is particularly important for younger students who are just learning to read and write, he said.

Free local summer reading resources:

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