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Chiang Says Prop A Could Cost San Diego Millions

Chiang Says Prop A Could Cost San Diego Millions
A California official says San Diego stands to lose million of dollars if voters approve Proposition A this June.

Prop A would prohibit San Diego from using any Project Labor Agreements, or PLA’s, on city funded construction projects. Such agreements set employment terms for construction projects and are largely supported by unions.

California recently passed legislation that prevents some state funds from going to cities that ban PLA’s.


In a statement on an Anti-Prop A mailer, State Controller John Chiang said San Diego received $158 million from the state last year for local construction projects. He said those funds would be eliminated going forward if Prop A passes.

But supporters of Prop A say PLA’s increase the cost of construction projects. They claim state lawmakers are punishing San Diego for pursuing a PLA ban.