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Marine Veteran Of Darkhorse Battalion Makes Documentary 'For The 25' (Video)

For the 25

Marine veteran Logan Stark was a member of Camp Pendleton's 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, known as Darkhorse Battalion. Now a student on the G.I. Bill, Stark has made a documentary called "For the 25" - a tribute to the 25 Darkhorse Marines killed during their seven month deployment.

According to Stark's YouTube channel, the 48-minute film was made as part of the Professional Writing program at Michigan State University.

The 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines was deployed to Sangin, Afghanistan in September of 2010. The 3/5 endured the highest casualty rate of any Marine unit in the Afghanistan War. In addition to the 25 men killed, roughly 200 were injured.


Stark explained to Michigan State University public affairs why he felt compelled to make his documetary:

““When you leave to go to Afghanistan, you have an idea of what it might be like, but there’s really no way to describe what actually happens. When people say war is hell, it is. The first time you get shot at, or the first time you see somebody get blown up, it just changes you forever.”

Stark's film has already been viewed more than 17,000 times on YouTube. You'll find the documentary in its entirety at the top of this post.