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Suspect In Shooting Spree Near Philadelphia Has Been Found Dead

Bradley Stone, who police say went on a shooting rampage that killed six people in Montgomery County, Pa., has been found dead. Police have been looking for Stone, 35, for more than 24 hours; they found his body today.

Member station WHYY passes along this update from the Bucks County District Attorney's office:

"Authorities have confirmed that suspected mass killer Bradley Stone is dead, his body found in the woods near his Pennsburg home."

The confirmation comes after ABC 6 TV news reported that a body had been found, adding, "Sources say Stone is believed to have killed himself. He was found dead on his knees hunched over wearing sand color camouflage."

Stone is suspected of killing his ex-wife in the early hours of Monday morning, and then taking their two daughters and leaving them at another location (they were reportedly safe). He also visited two other homes, where he shot and killed five more people.

As we reported Monday, all of the victims were related to Stone through his ex-wife:

"Neighbors of Nicole Hill, the ex-wife of Stone who was the last person killed, told WHYY that she was scared she would kill her. 'She would tell anybody who would listen that he was going to kill her and that she was really afraid for her life,' neighbor Evan Weron said.

"A neighbor of Hill's mother, who was also killed on Monday, told the Philadelphia Inquirer the couple had a very volatile relationship. 'He was a great guy and an excellent father," Lisa Andrey said. 'And then he went away to Iraq and came back and was a completely different man.' "

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