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What Do You Think About Your City's Future?


Here's The Deal

We're teaming up with the producers of the documentary One Day On Earth to bring you "One Day In San Diego" — a 24-hour filming event that encourages citizens across San Diego to pick up a camera and film stories about the city's future. And it will all be filmed on one day: Saturday, April 26, 2014. Citizens in 10 other U.S. cities will be doing the same thing on that same day. They'll all then upload their footage to be archived online and some content will be selected to appear in a documentary that will air later this year on PBS stations across the country, including KPBS. Watch the trailer below for details. Keep scrolling to learn how to get involved.

One Day In San Diego

OK, So What Do I Have To Do?

Documentary producers speak with KPBS Evening Edition Host Peggy Pico about a citywide event that encourages San Diegans to be filmmakers for a day.

To participate, plan on filming on Saturday, April 26. Sign up ahead of time at the One Day In San Diego homepage. But don't wait, get involved now — share your thoughts on San Diego's future. After you film on April 26, you'll upload your footage online and the One Day On Earth producers may choose it when they're stitching together their documentary.

But What Should I Film?

Want to participate but not sure what to film? We've got you covered. Check out our Tumblr account for inspiration from residents and filmmakers. You'll hear why San Diegans love their city and what they hope for its future.

We thought you'd never ask. To get you started, we did you the favor of asking your fellow San Diegans for their thoughts about the city they call home. We asked them what they liked about San Diego and what they hoped for its future and gathered their responses on our handy, dandy Tumblr account. Scroll through to hear why San Diegans love their city and what concerns they have about its future.

You can tell us what you hope for your city on Twitter at @KPBS or use the hashtag #OneDayinSanDiego.