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Navy Fires Command Master Chief Of San Diego-Based USS Dewey

CMDCM (SW/SCW) Joe Grgetich
U.S. Navy
CMDCM (SW/SCW) Joe Grgetich

The Navy fired Master Chief Petty Officer Joe Grgetich from his job as command master chief of the San Diego-based USS Dewey on Aug. 21, a day before the ship departed with the Vinson Carrier Strike Group for a nine-month deployment to the Middle East.

The reason the Navy gave for the dismissal was due to:

"[L]oss of confidence in Grgetich’s ability to fulfill his role as the command master chief.”

Naval Surface Forces spokesman Lt. Rick Chernitzer told the Navy Times the incidents which prompted the Navy to relieve Grgetich of his duties actually occurred before Grgetich became command master chief of USS Dewey.

Those incidents, according to Chernitzer, were related to “personal conduct.”

Senior Chief Petty Officer Katy Willdigg, who deployed with the USS Dewey, is now serving as interim command master chief until "a relief can report to the ship."