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Winter Storm Brings Rain, Ice, Snow Across Country's Mid Section

A new winter storm is currently working its way across the country's mid-section and is forecast to bring rain, ice and snow across a wide-swath of the Mid-Atlantic before potentially bringing another round of snow to New England.

For the the country's mid-section, Accuweather reports that this may be the biggest winter storm so far this season, with a path that would take the storm from "St. Louis to Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Charleston, West Virginia; Roanoke and Richmond, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Dover, Delaware; Philadelphia and New York City."

Some places at the heart of the storm could see 6 to 12 inches.


Of course, our norther neighbors would laugh at that threat, because this is just the latest storm to threaten New England. Boston, as we've reported, has already had an epic winter.

Take these latest tweets from the National Weather Service there:

We'll leave you with a video representative of the kind of winter it's been up there. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore was out in New England on Sunday covering the latest snow storm battering the area.

All of a sudden, the sky brightens and he hears a roar. It was "thundersnow" and Cantore is excited that was able to capture the relatively rare phenomenon on camera. has an explainer on the phenomenon.


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