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San Diego Model Railroad Museum Removes Anti-Abortion Sign In Train Layout

Kinsee Morlan
A miniature anti-abortion sign on display at the San Diego Model Train Museum, Dec. 8, 2016.

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum removed a miniature anti-abortion sign from a train layout Thursday after receiving complaints.

A picture of the sign was posted to Facebook by Kinsee Morlan, engagement editor with Voice of San Diego.

KPBS reached out to museum executive director Anthony Ridenhour who said that after receiving complaints about the sign, it was immediately removed from the layout.


Ridenhour issued the following statement:

To our patrons,<br><br>At the San Diego Model Railroad Museum, we strive to make world-class exhibits that deliver the best experience possible to our customers. Sadly, we fell short on this commitment today. It came to our attention that there was a hidden socia-political billboard on one of our exhibits put there by a misguided volunteer. We are extremely sorry for any frustration this has caused our patrons and we would like to make it known that it was taken down immediately.<br><br>This does not reflect upon the museum's core mission or vision, nor do we support any socio-political agendas. Everything we do at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum aims at making the greatest possible positive impact on children and their families in our community through our literacy programs, new exhibits, family days, and weekly parent & child activities. Our goal is to be a safe haven for all. And today, I am deeply saddened that this was not the case.<br><br>We greatly appreciate all of the feedback we have received from our patrons because without caring people like yourselves we cannot fulfill our mission to its fullest. At the San Diego Model Railroad Museum, we have a strict policy of not endorsing any political views and we deeply regret any offense that this has caused visiting patrons of the museum.<br><br>Anthony Ridenhour<br><br>Executive Director, SDMRM