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Roundtable: Governor Complies With Request For National Guard Troops

Roundtable: Governor Complies With Request For National Guard Troops


Kelly Davis, freelance reporter

Jeff McDonald, investigative reporter, San Diego Union-Tribune

Steve Walsh, military reporter, KPBS News


Governor Complies With Request For National Guard Troops

Governor Jerry Brown accepted federal funding to fulfill President's Trump's request to deploy National Guard troops to the U.S./Mexico border Wednesday. He pledged 400 service members with conditions. Brown stipulated that the California National Guard will not enforce federal immigration laws or help build a new border wall. In a statement, he also said troops will not be used to "round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life."

The Trump administration has been ramping up rhetoric on a border "crisis." Brown disagrees with this characterization, noting that Border Patrol arrests have fallen to 1971 levels.

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County Jail Births, Deaths

Confusion seemed to be the watch word this week regarding policies and practices at the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. The first issue covers the treatment of pregnant women in county jails and whether or not they are being restrained during labor. According to the San Diego County Sheriff Department's "Pregnant Patient's Rights" statement, women inmates can expect to be "chained and handcuffed during labor and delivery." State law prohibits restraining women inmates during labor, except under certain circumstances.

The second issue covers in-custody deaths at San Diego county jails. The Sheriff's department is not reporting in-custody deaths to the public and it should be doing that, per its own policy.

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San Diego Buys Skydiving Building

It may sound like an odd fit, but the City of San Diego bought a building designed for indoor skydiving to help the homeless. The plan is to turn the former site of Airborne San Diego into a "housing navigation center" that will hook up people with nowhere to live to permanent shelters.

Critics say the city paid too much and rushed through the process unnecessarily.

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