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Roundtable: Picking Sides In Sanctuary Fight

Roundtable: Picking Sides In Sanctuary Fight
Roundtable: Picking Sides In Sanctuary Fight
Roundtable: Picking Sides in the Sanctuary Fight PANEL:Andrew Bowen, reporter, KPBS News Andrea Lopez-Villafaña, reporter, La Prensa San Diego Gustavo Solis, reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune Maya Srikrishnan, reporter, Voice of San Diego

San Diego County to Consider Joining Sanctuary Lawsuit

This week, President Donald Trump praised Orange County for backing the Department of Justice lawsuit against California over sanctuary policies. Now it appears San Diego County might do the same, as Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Kristin Gaspar plans to have the board discuss the issue in a closed session. County leaders will also consider how to respond to a decision by the Trump administration to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

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Bike Rental Backlash

Dockless bike rentals have emerged as a plentiful form of transportation around San Diego, but not all communities are pleased with the side effects. Near downtown, the Little Italy Association is using maintenance crews to round up bikes and place them on the outskirts of the district. Critics say the bikes can be hazardous to pedestrians and those who use wheelchairs. In nearby Coronado, the city has declared the bikes a public nuisance.

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Barrio Logan Truck Troubles

Back in 2005, the city of San Diego passed a resolution that encourages truckers in the Barrio Logan area to use designated streets. However, residents have noticed an increase in the frequency of trucks passing through smaller neighborhoods. Activists say the trucks pose a health and safety hazard. There is now a push to have the city’s draft an ordinance to regulate where trucks can be driven in Barrio Logan.

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