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Watch John Prine Play His Last Recorded Song, 'I Remember Everything'

John Prine records "I Remember Everything."
John Prine records "I Remember Everything."

When John Prine died on April 7 due to complications from COVID-19, he didn't just leave behind a rich recorded legacy. He also left behind works in progress — threads and sketches from a fruitful late career marked by wistful, plainspoken reflections on a life well lived.

On Friday, Prine's label released his last recorded song: "I Remember Everything," which he wrote with longtime collaborator Pat McLaughlin and recorded with prolific Nashville producer Dave Cobb. As its title suggests, it's a humble but wide-ranging, deeply graceful look back for an artist who knows his end is approaching.

I've been down this road before Alone as I can be Careful not to let my past Go sneaking up on me Got no future in my happiness Though regrets are very few Sometimes a little tenderness Was the best that I could do

"I Remember Everything" is available now via Oh Boy Records.


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