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Inside Queen Victoria's Carriage.

Credit: Courtesy of Lambent Productions

Above: Inside Queen Victoria's Carriage.

The British Royal Family is the most well-traveled monarchy in history. The Queen alone has been around the world 42 times, racking up over one million air miles. SECRETS OF ROYAL TRAVEL reveals the inside story of the monarchy on the move, taking viewers inside some of the most famous and exclusive transport in the world.


Pack your bags for a rare inside look at the monarchy’s luxurious private planes and trains. Climb on board the “palace on wheels” and take to the skies for the five-star opulence of the Queen’s Flight. Aired: 11/15/20

This two-part series opens the door to the private world of the Royal Train and the Royal Flight, each with its own mysterious traditions and protocols.

It features a treasure trove of remarkable archival footage and interviews from the staff who drove the trains and flew the planes, as well as from those who cared for the Queen and her family in transit, offering a rare look into a world often hidden from public view.


“Secrets Of The Royal Train” airs Sunday, Dec. 6 at 8 p.m. on KPBS TV - This episode uncovers the inside story of the most luxurious and exclusive locomotive in the history of the British Isles, from its lavish past as the “royal express of excess” to its role today as the royal family’s mobile home away from home.

For over 150 years, from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, it has been the monarchy’s favorite way to travel. But the private world behind its veiled carriages remained a mystery to all but a privileged few — until now.

Dining on the Royal Train

No frozen dinners on this train. The chefs know exactly what to make for royal travel, and anything the royal family desires is planned for and available – with the exception of one trip when the chefs received an unexpected request and were left scrambling. Find out which food required the transport police. Aired: 11/15/20

This episode looks back at the Royal Train’s history, including a glimpse inside Queen Victoria’s luxurious railway cars commissioned in 1869. Resplendent with sumptuous satins, silks and 23-karat gold paint, Victoria’s train was outfitted with the latest modern conveniences, including the first-ever onboard toilet and electric lights.

Queen Victoria and Train Travel

It was once believed traveling over 40 mph could make one insane, but Queen Victoria took the chance and made sure to do it in style. Aired: 11/15/20

The latest incarnation of the locomotive was presented to Queen Elizabeth for her Silver Jubilee in 1977. The Royal Train team offer unique insights into the tastes of the Queen, Prince Charles and the few select people allowed on board.

Episode 2 Preview | Secrets Of The Royal Flight

From the earliest days of flight, the royal family has loved to fly in style. We lift the curtain on 5 star regal luxury at 30,000 ft and tell the story of a royal love affair that shows no signs of abating. Aired: 11/22/20

“Secrets Of The Royal Flight” airs Sunday, Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. on KPBS TV - This episode lifts the curtain on five-star regal luxury at 30,000 feet and tells the story of a family who love to fly in style. From a young Queen jetting around the globe for the very first time to the next generation taking the Windsor brand worldwide, this episode uncovers how plane travel defines a family constantly on the move.

During her lifetime, Queen Elizabeth II has flown over one million air miles. “Secrets of the Royal Flight” traces her story in the air, from the dangerous beginnings of jet travel to the luxury of her own private jet.

The Helicopter

The British monarchy were some of the first to adopt the helicopter to fly, even using helicopters to deliver their mail. Aired: 11/22/20

Exclusive revelations from the onboard team detail the secrets of imperial service, from wrangling corgis in the sky to preparing Her Majesty’s favorite aperitif.

The episode also unveils stories, from managing the 12 tons of luggage Queen Elizabeth II took on her 44,000-mile Commonwealth tour in 1953, to landing with the body of a much-loved Princess Diana to an audience of over half a billion around the globe.

In 1995, the government disbanded the Queen’s Flight after investigating how much was spent on air travel. For public duties, the younger royals now travel commercially, sometimes slipping into rear seats under assumed names.

Above all, this is the story of how, once upon a time, the royal family traveled in a style truly fit for a Queen.


A point of pride for the British, the Comet was the first commercial airliner ever made. The craft brought luxury to aircraft travel. Aired: 11/22/20

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Lambent production for Channel 5. The series producer is Rachel Ozers. Executive Producer is Ollie Tait. The editor is Tom Pierce.


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