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Roundtable: How COVID-19 Changed Local Arts

San Diego band Scary Pierre performs to an empty venue at the Casbah on July ...

Credit: Tim Mays

Above: San Diego band Scary Pierre performs to an empty venue at the Casbah on July 25, 2020. The performance was livestreamed for free on Twitch.

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A special edition of KPBS Roundtable discusses the impact of COVID-19 on local arts, from the cancellation of big events to the pandemic's influence on artistic expression.

Aired: November 27, 2020 | Transcript


Beth Accomando, arts and culture reporter, KPBS News

Julia Dixon Evans, arts calendar editor and producer, KPBS News

Tim Pyles, radio host, 91X

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Major Events And Film Sidelined

COVID-19’s impact on major events like Comic-Con has made a profound impact on San Diego’s culture and the business that flows from it. KPBS arts and culture reporter Beth Accomando joins us to talk about the outlook for big events making a hopeful return in 2021. Also, how the pandemic sidelined the film industry this year, from San Diego’s annual festivals to Hollywood blockbusters.

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Visual And Performing Arts Struggle To Stay Afloat

Local artists and the organizations that support them have struggled to find an outlet and audience during the shutdown. Many of these groups are non-profits that rely on donations and philanthropy that has slowed due to more pressing needs in the community. KPBS arts calendar editor Julia Dixon Evans updates us on the creative and performing arts at the smaller, more local level and how they’re adapting to these uncertain times.

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Musicians And Venues Silenced By The Pandemic

Concerts might be among the last forms of entertainment to make a comeback. San Diego’s rich culture of local music has taken a massive hit this year with venues closing and bands being forced to find an audience online or through other platforms. Tim Pyles, whose show Loudspeaker on 91X highlights local alternative music, joins us to talk about this aspect of local arts and what its loss means for our community.

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