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Exploring The 'X' in Latinx: A Conversation On Identity

Erica Miller takes a photo in Chicano Park, Nov. 8, 2018.
Megan Burks
Erica Miller takes a photo in Chicano Park, Nov. 8, 2018.

Earlier this year, KPBS began using the term Latinx - a nonbinary way of saying Latino - in an effort to be more inclusive. While some applauded the choice, many listeners also asserted that Latinx was not how they identified themselves.

The mixed reaction from KPBS listeners to the usage of the word "Latinx" mirrors a larger discussion that members of the Latin-American community are having across the nation. How people identify and are identified are deeply personal experiences that are intertwined with issues of power, race, and the politics of belonging.

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KPBS's Racial Justice and Social Equity Reporter Cristina Kim moderated a KPBS panel Wednesday on the usage of Latinx within the various communities that it falls under.

Her guests were:

The panelists answered questions from the community, including questions about how identity words evolve, why certain terms speak to certain experiences, and what inclusivity really means when different ideologies and stakeholders are involved. Listen to the conversation here:

The term "Latinx" has been used increasingly in recent years to describe the Latin-American community as a whole within the United States. While these efforts have been applauded by some for the term's intended inclusivity, usage of the word has also been met with strong backlash - with many still unsure exactly what it means and who falls under the identity of "Latinx."

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